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  • Hallo und danke für diese Austausch- Gelegenheit! Vielleicht finden noch weitere Lernende aus Rinpoches Belehrungen hier her, um sich über chandakirti / Madhyamaka auszutauschen. 🙏
  • Dear Rinpoche and community, first I want to thank you for these profound instructions and the opportunity to hear and perceive them, freely. Maybe my question is a little bit off-topic or confused or self-answering. In daily life (post-meditation) I often end up contemplating the instructions of the path or some teachings. For instance, I remember that everything is an illusion, then I start to argue and my mind ends up in discussing thoughts. So my question: Should we contemplate the path only on the cushion (and not in post-meditation like in the office), and try to be as aware as possible throughout the day? Is it a hindrance to think actively about the path outside of the cushion? Or ist it depending on the situation? So for very western beginners like me, which are not used to concepts like shunyata, is it good to think about it actively in post-meditation to get used to this or is this kind of approach only another way to create more and more distractions? Best wishes, Norman.