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1. Homework (until 31.03.2019)

Dear Trainees,

this week you have three kinds of homework: 1. If you haven’t been at the retreat or attended the live webcast, please watch as much as possible of the teachings of the retreat until this Sunday (31.03.2019). A little hint: the seven limbs are mainly discussed in session 4 and 5. 😉 2. During the retreat we discussed and practiced together the seven-limb practice/prayer. What do you remember of that? Try to revise and memorize the 7 limbs and explain them to another being. That can be a human (make sure that he/she is interested!) or an animal. It can be a horse, dog, cat, bird, an insect etc. It is very important that you do this with the full conviction that this being will certainly benefit by hearing the dharma from you. For now, it is enough to roughly remember and retell the 7 limbs as Rinpoche taught them. You don’t need to start a research project. 😉 Please finish this homework until Sunday (31.03.2019) and leave us a comment below about whom you taught. In this way we all can also practice rejoicing in each other’s dharma activities. 🙏 3. Do the Samantabhadra prayer (check out „materials") at least three times. This is something Rinpoche recommends you to do anyway as much as possible whenever you get time. You can read it aloud to another being and/or visualize countless beings around you while praying.

Enjoy! 😊

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