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7. (Final) Session of the Bodhisattva Retreat

Do Tulku Rinpoche speaks a bit about how the project will continue. He also briefly introduces the practices of equanimity of self and others and the exchanging of self and others. The link for the live webcast with better audio but other technical problems is still available here: This session concludes the first bodhisattva retreat. May all be auspicious. 🙏

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Vivienne Hagner
Vivienne Hagner

Dear greate Do Tuko Rinpoche-about the absolute Boddhichita and the unerstanding that we can all use to make praticing for all around you.I need this long time to understand the point of view of a Bodhisattva.

A Bodhisattva has complete trained his mind in help so he has open his heard.

He can see everyone in the perfect love of a mom looking on her first child-like greate Yogi Atchü told us.

In the end we have the complete view full of compasion and act always from our deep heart.Thats it .

It needs weeks to have alittle understand what you mean. So greate wow.

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