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Welcome to the Bodhisattva Project

Thank you for joining this project. We are so happy and excited to start this journey with you – the journey on a bodhisattva's path!

You can join this course as a listener with full access to the teachings but no real commitments and as a "trainee" with some extra commitments (like homework, assignements and private online sessions with Do Tulku Rinpoche about the contents and your understanding of the teachings). The "trainee's classroom" is a place where some of the outcomes of the trainee's assignments will be made accessible to inspire, rejoice and support the understanding of everybody. Under the category "materials" we would like to gather materials which could be useful for our studies, starting with everything available for studying the Bodhisattvacaryavatara. You can for example add the titles of translations of the root text or commentaries (in English or your own language), useful links, online teachings of other masters etc.

You can also ask questions in the comment sections. Do Tulku Rinpoche will visit this site regularily. Please chose your words carefully and use a mindful and beneficial speech, especially while enganging in discussions.

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