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) luxtra, if it isn't installed already, then it's hard to say luxtra: you don't even have to reboot to test if the kernel version changes you can do it all manually it's ok, i already tried sudo apt install vboxdrv:4.3.26-1vbox4.3 philinux: The mini iso has linux-server installed by default (along with openjdk and gcc) Hello, I'm having a problem with my WiFi adapter not being detected and my connection to the internet being very unstable (usually my connection fails within 10 minutes of starting to use my connection) aruns; in the mini iso there's a free and not free version of virtualbox installed in it. philinux: I am sure that I'm using the free version aruns; you need to install this package sudo apt-get install virtualbox-dkms virtualbox-guest-utils philinux: That's correct, and those two packages are installed. philinux: Oh wait, it's virtualbox-guest-x11 for the guest additions l33thy, in a terminal run: dmesg, copy the output in a pastebin and give the link here philinux: And it was installed as a dependency of virtualbox-guest-x11. Good to know. Alright, I have a dmesg output at l33thy: that looks ok l33thy: what version of ubuntu are you running? I'm using ubuntu 16.04 l33thy: have you tried a wired connection while trying to access the internet? yes l33thy: ok - so you are sure that it's not the wireless Yes, but I can't connect to it l33thy: what happens when you do, is it wired or wireless




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Swap Magic 3.6 CD DVD (para PS2).zip quyrchuc

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