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The Three Vows

As we attempt to follow the footsteps of the Buddha and the Bodhisattvas, there is one thing that we cannot ignore and without which all attempts will be fruitless. That is vows. In the path of liberation, everything is a vow: something that binds our mind and releases the wisdom. We need vows on all stages of Dharma practices, in fact, they are the stages of Dharma practices. Different schools of Buddhism are formed due to different vows. Different vows decide different paths and different results. In fact there is nothing on the Buddhist path which is not a vow, including the final liberation.

Although the vows are the most important aspect of our practice, they are seldom discussed in their entirety. So what are these vows? Why take them and when? What are the differences?  How many are there and why? What is is the view, meditation, and conduct of each of the vows? How to practice them? And especially the practice of the vows from the three vehicles, can they be practiced together or not? These are very important questions and not having much clarity about them can surely impede one's practice. 

Do Tulku Rinpoche will discuss these questions in this short study retreat. It is aimed at anyone who wants to get more clarity about their own vows and practices, or who wants to learn more before taking vows. The course language is English. 

Dates & Timings: This course has been postponed due to the corona situation. Let us know if you're interested (or enroll in our newsletter) and we'll keep you updated if and when we'll conduct this course.

Course fees: on a donation basis

Accommodation and meals are booked directly at Hof Kuppen with Andreas Basigkow: Please ask him about the prices.

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