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Use of Donations

With your donations, we can organize courses, seminars, and retreats with wonderful teachers, even with just a few of participants or low fees, and rent the appropriate premises, such as the beautiful Hof Kuppen in Windeck. This place is particularly conducive to study, contemplate and meditate, or simply to take a break in the quiet countryside, surrounded by forests and meadows. 



Even though we are only investing in the very basics, a large part of the running costs are spent on account and bookkeeping, tax consultants and the internet (yes, in the countryside this can, unfortunately, be expensive!).

Other expenses include for example the travel expenses of and donations to the visiting teachers and translators, donations to other Buddhist or non-profit organizations or projects, equipment (for example for our online courses) and advertising materials.


Do Tulku Rinpoche

At the heart of our work are the activities of the spiritual director of Arya Tara's Net, Do Tulku Rinpoche. We also use the donations to give him a small salary so he can devote most of his time to running the courses, seminars, and projects of Arya Tara's Net.

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