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Buddhist Studies,
Contemplation, and Meditation

What's coming up
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April - July 2024

Finding inspiration and guidance in the biographies of the great masters of all traditions, an online series with Do Tulku Rinpoche. Over the course of two years Rinpoche will present a number of selected biographies of the great masters of the four main Buddhist schools in Tibet.



This Tibetan-German version offers the opportunity to either read the story in two languages or simply admire the beautiful Tibetan writing. In addition, the illustrations invite you to linger, meditate and color in.


6 until 8 September

This weekend, Lama Sherab Drolma will kindly give us a general introduction to Buddhism and an overview of the various aspects of Buddhist practice. This is a very rare opportunity to meet this special Lama in person!


November 2024

The Bodhisattva Project is a multi-year study program on the foundations, philosophy, and practices of Mahayana Buddhism. We will follow a similar curriculum as the major Buddhist monastic universities (tib. Shédra).


Arya Tara's Net is dedicated to the practice and theory of the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni, especially as they are transmitted within the Tibetan tradition. We follow a non-sectarian approach, characterized by the openness, veneration, and respect for all Buddhist traditions. In this sense, we also see ourselves as followers of the so-called Rime Movement, which emphasizes the appreciation, support, and promotion of all traditions. We are members of the "Association Rime". You can find more about their aims and activities here: 

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