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Online Courses and Videos
Studies, Meditation and Inspiration

Here you will find a selection of videos as well as information about our online courses on various topics of Buddhist philosophy and practice. All of our offers are on a donation basis. We can only maintain this ancient Buddhist tradition if enough people practice it with us. Every donation helps us to continue and improve our work.

All information about donating you can find here.

Unfortunately, our videos are currently only available in English. Would you like to help us translate them into other languages? Then get in touch, preferably by email. All support is very welcome.

We hope you find inspiration and new insights here.


Do you need a little spiritual stimulation or just want to get to know us? Here are a few videos on different topics.


Start and deepen your practice. Here you will find open courses on the two most important types of buddhist meditation: Shamatha and Vipassana.


Immerse yourself in Buddhist philosophy and study the teachings of the Buddha as well as classical works by great scholars and masters.


The heart of our work are long term study courses. Here you can build up and deepen your knowledge of Buddhism.


Here you can find videos on various topics.

Since this channel is growing steadily, it is worth checking out from time to time.

Anker: Inspiration
Anker2: Meditation


With these two 7-day courses, you will get an initial basic knowledge of the two most important meditation techniques of Buddhism: calm abiding (Shamatha) and higher insight (Vipassana). We recommend that you begin with calm abiding and practice this form of meditation for a while before you start with Vipassana.