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Vipassana Meditation

We are very happy to finally resume our program with one of the most famous and important meditation techniques of Buddhism. Do Tulku Rinpoche will present and guide us through Vipassana (insight meditation) according to different vehicles. He will focus on the contemplation of the nature of phenomena and our own nature. The prerequisite to this course is a basic knowledge (and ideally some experience) in Shamatha (calm abiding) meditation. Two years ago we also conducted a short online meditation program on Shamatha which is still available on our website. We recommend having a look at this course prior to the Vipassana weekend (write us an email if you're interested and we'll give you access). Due to the current situation, we are accepting only a very limited number of participants. Therefore we recommend an early and binding registration.

The course language is English. Translation into German will only be provided when needed. 

Fees: The course fees are on a donation basis and can either be transferred to our bank account or given cash on site. The accommodation and meals are not included and have to be booked separately (see below).

Dates & Timings: This course begins on Friday, the 24th of July, at 7 pm with dinner (the first teaching starts at 8 pm). It concludes on Sunday, the 26th of July, with lunch at 1 pm. 

Accommodation and meals are booked directly at Hof Kuppen with Andreas Basigkow: Please ask him about the prices.

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