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Arya Tara's Net is dedicated to embodying the practice and theory of Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings, especially as they have been transmitted within the Tibetan tradition. At the same time we pursue a non-sectarian approach, characterized by openness, respect and appreciation of all Buddhist traditions. We want to create places of study, contemplation and meditation in both virtual and real spaces. Therefore, we offer online courses as well as retreats in our Dharma Center. The spiritual guide of the center is Do Tulku Rinpoche. He gives teachings at regular intervals, conducts seminars and is also available for personal questions and instructions. There are also events with guest teachers. We are a young team and welcome suggestions and exchanges with like-minded people. You are also welcome to suggest topics for lectures and teachings. At the moment we are a very small team and therefore we appreciate any help, be they material or immaterial. You want to support us with knowledge, expertise or other work? Contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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