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A Bodhisattva is someone who makes the courageous decision to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. This vow is at the heart of Mahayana Buddhism.

But how exactly do you embark on the bodhisattva path? How do you avoid getting lost along the way? What methods can be used to really achieve the goal of enlightenment?

The Bodhisattva Project is a multi-year study course on the foundations, philosophy, and practices of Mahayana Buddhism. This is the third batch within the project.

Although an in depth, intensive study and practice of the teachings of great beings such as Shantideva is direly needed in our time, it is not possible for most of us due to our worldly entanglements. So here, Do Tulku Rinpoche will lead us through these classical scriptures with clear and simple words, using stories and examples from all walks of life. As per the instruction of Manjushri Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, we will only focus on indian masters and not follow any particular tibetan tradition.

About the course

Starting in November 2024, this course will be mainly conducted online. In general, there will be two teachings per month. There will also be a live session with Rinpoche, during which we will make "The King Of Aspiration Prayer" together, followed by questions from the participants to Rinpoche. The participants are divided into "trainees" and "listeners".

Trainees are committing to more intensive studies, various assignments, participation in retreats, and small exams. They are also in closer personal contact with Rinpoche. You can only be a trainee if you participate in the entire program.

Listeners, on the other hand, listen to the teachings in a more passive way but are of course also allowed to participate in the retreats and assignments if they wish to. Listeners can also participate in single modules.

The retreats take place both online and on-site in our center in Windeck at least one a year. This program is designed to accommodate both the longing for intensive studies as well as the busy lifestyle of people in the West. Thus, with a bit of determination and discipline, it is definitely possible to participate while living a worldly life, e.g. having a job and family.

Duration: The entire course is expected to last about 5 years. 

Program structure


Foundations (ca. 1 year)

  • Introduction to Buddhism. 

  • The History of Buddhism 

  • The four philosophical schools of Buddhism 


Immersion (ca. 4 years)

  • Text study and practice: The Ways of a Bodhisattva (Bodhicaryavatara) by Shantideva

  • Text study and practice: Entering the Middle Way (Madhyamakavatara) by Candrakirti 


Rinpoche teaches in English. Translations will be based on the actual needs and interests and sponsorship for a translator. Therefore, please indicate when pre-registering if you need a translation and if you can contribute with sponsorship so we can plan accordingly.


We recommend that long-term students set up a monthly standing order of at least €10, in that way you give a great support to the project and for Rinpoche's activities to flourish. In case you need sponsorship to join the project, please, indicate that when pre-registering. 

If you would like to take part, fill in our pre-registration form and we will contact you when registration opens!

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