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Bodhisattva Project


This is the first (and only) in-person retreat for the Bodhisattva Project of this year. We will mainly focus on practices which complement the sixth and seventh chapter of the Bodhicaryavatara. As anger and laziness are some of the biggest obstacles for a practitioner on the path to liberation, the mere knowledge that they are destructive is not enough. One has to have clear instructions on how to abandon them. During this retreat, we will deepen our understanding of how to put the teachings about patience and diligence into practice. 
Due to the pandemic, we will only allow a very limited number of participants and in general, the course will take place under special safety measurements. Therefore we recommend a timely registration.

Date and times: The retreat starts on Friday the 10th of April at 7 pm with dinner (the first teaching starts at 8 pm) and concludes on Monday the 13th of April 2020 with lunch at 1 pm.

Course fees: donation basis (via bank transaction or cash on the spot)

Accommodation and meals: Please book and pay separately with Andreas Basigkow: You can find a price list here.

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