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Words of My Perfect Teacher

In this continuous course, Sangngag Tenzin Rinpoche teaches us about the famous work "The Words of My Perfect Teacher" by Patrul Rinpoche. It is a wonderful work that teaches in a practical way the whole path to enlightenment. Special focus is on the general and special preliminary practices (ngöndro) from the tradition of Longchen Nyingthik. We are still at the beginning of the book. Newcomers are welcome! If possible, please bring the book with you. It is available in both German ("Die Worte meines vollendeten Lehrers"), English ("The Words of My Perfect Teacher") and other languages.

Attention: due to the pandemic, this year's program with Sangngag Rinpoche has been cancelled. We are planning to continue this course next year, 2021, if the situation allows. Let us know if you are interested and we keep you updated.

Course fees: 80 Euro (plus accommodation and meals)

Accommodation and meals are booked directly at Andreas Basigkow via Hof Kuppen ( You can find the price list here.

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